What shall I do when

... Im a vitness / observer of UFO or other paranormal activity

  • Tell us your name and address.
  • Well request you to fill up our questionnaire in accordance with your experience.
  • After the first examination of your filling questionnaire your case is handed over to our colleagues near your abode.
  • Theyll contact you personally and continue with investigation.

... I heard about UFOs evidence from the other person / newspaper, etc.

  • Tell us your name and address of vitness.
  • Find out the source of information, address of the newspaper, address of the editor. Well contact editor directly.
  • If there is no direct contact, please try to get more information yourself.

... Im interested in history, archaeology and others

  • Tell us about your interest and aim.
  • Well introduce you to people with similar aim and arrange consultation with co-operated professionals.
  • You may use materials from our archives.

... Ive found agrosymbols. I own some photos, useful information, etc.

  • Inform us about the location of the agrosymbols.
  • In case of the fresh finding, please find maximum information according to following instruction
  • Please send us information about older finding, pictures, etc. as well.

... Im interested in psychotronics. I want to use and growth my uncommon ability

  • Tell us your name and address and basic information about your ability.
  • Well hand your name and address over to nearest members who will guide you.
  • In case, we cant contact you personally, well recommend you respective literature or well communicate with you by mail.

... Ive got healthy problem. Id like to use method of alternative and traditional medicine

  • Tell us your name and address and basic information about your health problem.
  • Well acquaint you with health practician who is really good in this field.

... I want to develop my spirituality

  • Let us know your specialisation and your experience so far.
  • Well acquaint you with clubs having similar interests.
  • Well recommend you respective literature.

... Experience with uncommon phenomenon has taken my life certainty and general view of the world

  • Let us know about your experience and problem.
  • Well personally help you to solve this problem together with specialists from Psychotronics and UFO club.

... I want to help with research activity

  • Select your goal.
  • Get membership and well put you to our research team as per your goal.